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TRAVEL UNA No.3 (Special Issue) (Digital Edition) — Reading Outside of Japan

1,600 JPY

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TRAVEL UNA No.3 (Special Issue) (Digital Edition) 1,600 JPY (tax free) *This is a digital item which comes in PDF format, at a size of about 53 MB. *This product is TAX FREE; if you are reading outside of Japan, please purchase here. *Additionally, please note that though a sales tax is displayed on the final payment screen due to this site’s technical specifications, the final purchasing price does not include this tax charge. TRAVEL UNA (United Native Acumen) is a travel design magazine that investigates the roots of Kyushu and uncovers the beauty and wisdom contained within, one theme at a time. This special issue of TRAVEL UNA (No.3) serves as a gateway to a diverse selection of curated craft and art experiences across Kyushu. As all the destinations and craftspeople we introduce in its pages can be visited through UNA Laboratories tours, we invite you to experience this world of Kyushu’s crafts and art for yourself. In the midst of a global pandemic, our new reality has redefined what it means to travel and experience cultures. TRAVEL UNA invites you to explore more possibilities. Date of Issue: May 24, 2021 Price: 1,600 JPY tax included (digital edition) Languages: Japanese and English Size: 17.5cm x 24cm Page Count: 120 ISBN: 978-4-9911173-2-9 Cover Illustration: Izuru Aminaka Guest Writer: Kaori Kai

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