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TRAVEL UNA No.1 (Digital Edition) — Reading Outside of Japan

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*This is a digital item. *The file comes in PDF format, at a size of about 30 MB *This product is TAX FREE; if you are reading outside of Japan, please purchase here. *Additionally, please note that though a sales tax is displayed on the final payment screen due to this site’s technical specifications, the final purchasing price does not include this tax charge. TRAVEL UNA, which stands for United Native Acumen, is a travel guide that investigates the roots of Kyushu and uncovers its beauty, one theme at a time. In this issue we delve into the “native textiles” of Kyushu, which are crafted in consideration to the island’s climate and history. We begin by taking a closer look at Kurume Kasuri, Kyushu’s traditional dyed, patterned textiles through which we introduce unique and meticulously-designed fabrics that are high-quality, affordable, and functional. Date of Issue :January 28, 2020 Languages :English and Japanese Size :175 mm x 240 mm, 120 pages (estimated) ISBN :978-4-9911173-0-5

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