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TRAVEL UNA No.2 (Digital Edition) — Reading Outside of Japan

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TRAVEL UNA No.2 (Digital Edition) 1,600 JPY (tax free) *This is a digital item which comes in PDF format, at a size of about 30 MB. *This product is TAX FREE; if you are reading outside of Japan, please purchase here. *Additionally, please note that though a sales tax is displayed on the final payment screen due to this site’s technical specifications, the final purchasing price does not include this tax charge. TRAVEL UNA (United Native Acumen) is a travel design magazine that investigates the roots of Kyushu and uncovers the beauty and wisdom contained within, one theme at a time. TRAVEL UNA No. 2 is all about Kyushu’s rice! Rice cultivation was first introduced to Japan via Kyushu. And in recent years, rice produced in the region has received high ratings from across Japan. TRAVEL UNA delves into rice and Kyushu’s culture from multiple perspectives — of course one that looks at rice as food, but also others that examine the grain’s relationship to sake, confectionery, customs, rituals, spirituality, and more. Explore rice from a wide range of perspectives and join us on a journey to discover Kyushu through rice! Contents: ▼The Quest for the Best Shio-Musubi ▼Rice: A Closer Look ▼Cultivating Community: The People and the Rice Fields ▼DON! Digging Into Rice Beyond the Bowl ▼A Taste of Kyushu In Its Sake ▼To Hirado, the Island of Rice Sweets ▼The Intertwined Cultures of Rice, Tools, and Crafts in Yame, Fukuoka ▼Takachiho: A Town of Sacred Shimenawa Ropes and Straw Craft Traditions ▼A Trip Through Kagoshima’s Paddy Fields to Meet the Gentle Kami of Rice ▼Selected Accommodations ▼Rice World Map ▼Glossary Guest Writers: Kaori Kai (Writer, journalist, and editor. Author of Making a Moderate Amount, edited by Mishimasha and published by Impress Books.) Hannah Kirshner (Writer, artist, and food stylist. Her work has appeared in The New York Times, Vogue, Saveur, Taste, Food52, and Marie Claire, among others. Kirshner’s book will be published by Viking in 2021.) Date of Issue: September 5, 2020 Languages: English and Japanese Size: 17.5cm x 24cm Page Count: 120 ISBN: 978-4-9911173-1-2

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